Allergy Relief

We are the only office in central Pennsylvania to offer allergy and sensitivity symptom relief using the FDA cleared, U.S. patented Bax 3000.

This new technology may be the answer to finally eliminating your allergies or other sensitivities.We are proud to introduce the BAX 3000, a fully automated and computerized device that combines principles of Eastern Medicine with a modern day understanding of the nervous system’s role in physical wellness. 

Utilizing a unique Substance Specific Stress-Reduction Strategy, The BAX 3000 teaches the body to maintain normal function during exposure to environmental (and other) stressors.


The effects of stress, and stress relief, on health is not the body of evidence clearly and overwhelmingly demonstrates this link. The BAX 3000 approach to wellness is rooted in these 4 statements, each proven factual by objective, published research: 

1) Stress causes or exacerbates most health related conditions.

 2) A general reduction of stress levels can significantly decrease symptoms of many conditions.

 3) The brain creates associations between stressful events and substances.

4) If these associations can be broken, by introducing a positive stimulus in conjunction with the specific stress inducing substance… symptoms can be eliminated.

To find out if the Bax 3000 coulld help you please call our office at (814)238-0232

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